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    Roswell Team - Shawn Watson

    Watty may not know how to age, but he sure knows how to ride. I mean he’s been doing it since before most cable kids were born, which by default makes him a legend, or legend-ish. As for the ladies, he won’t Netflix and chill with you, but he will chill all day with you. If you want to know more, read what he had to say to us below.

    Career Highlights

    2012: Wake the line – 3rd
    2011: Wake the line – 2nd
    2009: Wake the line – 3rd & Best Trick
    2008: Carnival – 1st
    2007: Winch Rail Masters – 1st
    2004: Australian Pro Tour: Nowra – 1st
    2003: PWT: Orlando – 1st
    2003: PWT: Detroit – 1st
    2003: WWA National Championships – 2nd
    2002: WWA National Championships – 1st
    2002: PWT: Orlando – 1st
    2000: WWA National Championships – 1st
    1999: Rookie of the Year

    Where are you from?
    I grew up in Palm Beach, Fl

    Where do you currently reside?
    I currently live in good ol Orlando, Fl

    What’s your middle name?
    Don’t laugh too hard… Montgomery

    Board and boat setup?
    Liquid force Watson Dose And Nautique G23


    How long have you been riding?
    Too long to remember lol, probably around 25 years

    How many years professional?
    1999 was my first year riding pro, so we’re going on 18 years now

    Favorite waters to ride on?
    Can never beat riding right out of the back yard on lake hiawassee, its a smaller lake with only a few other boats on it so I typically have it all to myself. Travel wise though, my favorite waters to ride on would be lake Powell. It’s like being on another planet up there, can travel up to 100 miles and find the reddest canyons with glassy water and nobody else in sight!

    Go-to trick?
    Any sort of wrapped trick and being able to grab my board for as long as possible!

    What trick was the hardest to learn?
    When I was a grom learning a raley was so scary and took so many bad crashes, shortly after landing it for my 1st time I realized its really just a big air and learned to not take them dreaded falls anymore.

    Best part of being a professional athlete? 
    Being able to do what you love to do on a daily basis, travel the world and get to enjoy some amazing experiences!

    Best ever landed?
    I’ve done harder tricks for sure but the best experience for me was at a double up contest in Germany back in 1999. Mind you the wakes were tiny back then and a double up was about the size of what the regular wakes are nowadays.. I was last off the dock and had planned to mute hs 720, Matt Staker who was off the dock in front of me stomped that same trick super clean so I had to step it up. Wasn’t sure what to do and winged it, never even tried it before but decided to go for toe 900 and somehow managed to stick it perfectly, ended up being the 1st one ever done in competition and went on winning the event.

    Love to surf, snowboard when I get the opportunity, golf with the boys and renovating my house.

    Current netflix show?
    I don’t watch much TV or netflix.. However I have recently watched an episode of stranger things on netflix and was pretty strange lol

    Favorite artist to get loud and ride to?
    At the moment Kendrick Lamar

    Best flight you’ve ever been on?
    Getting upgraded on a super long flight from Atlanta to Seoul, South Korea. Was a double decker with a lay flat bed and the best service you could ask for!

    Worst flight you’ve ever been on?
    On my way home from Korea, I missed my flight and got placed on the next available. Ended up getting stuck in a middle seat that didn’t recline in between two very large men, one of which I don’t think showered before and didn’t smell so pleasant.

    What’s the most run-down, most legitimately worried about getting exterminated in your sleep motel, you’ve ever had to stay in?
    Haha, can honestly say thats never been an issue for me, thanks god!!

    Should pineapple on pizza be a crime?
    Not if its accompanied by jalapeños and pepperoni

    Tell me a good story about yourself. Doesn’t have to be wakeboarding/wakesurfing related.
    Back when Napoleon Dynamite was a hit I for some reason had the same exact haircut and apparently the same facial mannerisms.. I dressed up as him for halloween and went to a costume party in downtown Orlando, shortly into the party realized I had lost my wallet. So naturally I became upset and angry, which I guess put me more into character. I was searching all over the bar, not in a good mood and everyone legitametly thought I was Napolean, wanting to take pictures and what not. I wasn’t so into it as you could see in my facial expressions which made it even more entertaining to people. All I could think about was the cash I lost, having to renew my ID and cancel credit cards. I left early to go home and sure enough as I walk in the door its sitting right there on my kitchen counter lol!

    Which action sport athlete has had the biggest impact in their sport? Explain.
    In my opinion someone like Kelly slater. He’s paved the way for professional surfing for almost as long as I’ve been alive! He’s the most winningest surfer in history, continues to push the limits and is still competing on tour at the age of 45!

    Same question, but biggest impact on you?
    Didn’t see this before answering the question above, I stand with the same response as above!

    Who’s your anchor?
    My close friends, mentors, people who inspire me and those who believe in me.


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