Product Development

Robert Oswell


Chairman & CEO

Roswell began as a mission to change the way we look at things and answer yes to exploring new ideas that take us into uncharted territory. While that road isn’t traveled easy, it’s a part of who we are and the result is always worth it.

Concept to Completion

Roswell’s product development is a special blend of elements combined into a concept-to-completion process refined over 25 years. Centering our DNA around innovating each step, Roswell has become the source for bringing new, cutting-edge ideas and technology to market with award-winning results.

In-House Design

The origination of every Roswell product is a moment on the water that we believed could be made even better. Each new design is driven by the same passion people around the world chase to lakes, rivers, and oceans to create experiences that define them. Those experiences have inspired over 24 years of innovation, forming our DNA out of a vision that has seen humble beginnings become something so much more than the products we build.

In-House Engineering

A mantra of innovation and quality without compromise drives an experienced engineering team focused on ensuring each product represents the industry-leading standards Roswell's reputation is built on.


At the core of Roswell Marine product development, precision and innovation are paramount. Our group of engineers and designers stand at the forefront of this endeavor, boasting a specialization in crafting functional prototypes that serve as the bedrock of product excellence. Rigorous testing regimes are implemented to push the boundaries, ensuring that the product not only meets but surpasses high quality standards.


Partnering with the world’s leading brands, Roswell has become a stamp of excellence and a proven solution for marine products featured on boats that set the highest standard in the industry. A history that began with a new look at how an elevated tow point should feel at the end of the rope has transformed into award-winning technology with towers and racks that have revolutionized the industry.