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Roswell Team - Jimmy LaRiche

One thing we know about Jimmy is that he won’t FaceTime me anymore, but that’s ok since he has one of the most raw riding styles out on the water. He started out obliterating his competition as a grom, quickly rising to the pro ranks after a big win at Bro Stock on Lake Powell. 

Career Highlights

Australian Pro Tour: Pentrith – 2nd
Australian Pro Tour – 2nd
Australian Pro Tour: Stoney Park – 1st
Wake Games – 2nd

Where are you from?
Boca Raton, Fl

Where do you currently reside?
Orlando Fl

What’s your middle name?

Board and boat setup?
138 Hyperlite Franchise and Ajs for the boat and The 140 Jam with Aj boots for the cable.

all the way out!

How long have you been riding?
13 years

How many years professional?

Favorite waters to ride on?
Clear lake


Go-to trick?
Wrapped mellon 360

What trick was the hardest to learn?

Best ever landed?

Golf is one of my favorites. Being on the boat or near water with friends.

Current netflix show?
New Dave Chappelle

Favorite artist to get loud and ride to?
Chain smokers pandora.

Best flight you’ve ever been on?
way to many to choose from. Any flight getting upgraded with Watson or Rusty.

Worst flight you’ve ever been on?
This one flight I was with watson and we were flying back from LA. He had the window and I had the isle. I think the person next to me was a gremlin on there last stages in life. Smelled like serious curry and made some of the craziest sounds I’ve ever heard. Its hard to explain how bad it was but watson slept the whole way and I am still traumatized by it.

Best part of being a professional athlete?
Being able to hang and travel with your good friends all the time and it being considered “work”

Should pineapple on pizza be a crime?

Tell me a good story about yourself. Doesn’t have to be wakeboarding/wakesurfing related.
May not be a story but I may have the hairiest and skinniest legs of all time. Just saying. They keep me warm in the winter.

Which action sport athlete has had the biggest impact in their sport? Explain.
Probably Parks.. He’s done so much for wakeboarding and continues to day in and day out. He has the right way of looking at anything when it comes to wakeboarding. He made this sport cool. Everyone knows parks and not everyone follows wakeboarding.

Same question, but biggest impact on you?
John John Florence. He is close to the same age as me and I have been following him for a while now. He not only made his way up to the top but he does it on his own terms. He’s still so young its going to be wild seeing if he can match up with Kelly!

Who’s your anchor?
My mom 🙂


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