[Grant Korgan]Professional Wakesurfer & Hydrofoil
Grant Korgan

Wakesports Career Highlights:

  • Circa 1980s Centurion catalog appearance (Knee Board / Skurfer)
  • South Pole Push Expedition: https://youtu.be/KTmiGQhp2gI
  • Return to hydrofoil post injury 2012: https://youtu.be/vCz_JMzWYi4
  • WSIA keynote speaker – Steamboat Springs Colorado 2015
  • Return to wake surf post injury 2015: https://youtu.be/ZFK0wjNw4WA
  • Centurion keynote speaker – Surf Expo, Orlando Florida 2015
  • Keynote speaker – World Wake Surf Championships, Parker Arizona 2015
  • 1st flat spin on sit-down wake surf rig – 2016
  • 1st backflip on SkySki post SCI – 2016: https://youtu.be/5KdN0ygqlAg
  • Exhibition ride at 2016 World Wake Surf Championships to unveil the ri257
  • 1st wake surf on sit-down hydrofoil (boat: ri257) – Lake Yosemite, 2016

My name is Grant Korgan and I joined the Centurion Boats Pro Team in 2015 and the Roswell Pro Team in early 2016.  I grew up on the North Shore of Lake Tahoe living the water sports dream.  My fascination with water set in at an early age and as time marched forward I added the passions for both falling water (kayaking) and frozen water (skiing & snowmobiling) to my list of liquid playgrounds.  Said simply, no matter how you ride it, I’ve always been inspired by the water. 

I believe in living life to its greatest potential, choosing to move forward with positivity regardless of adversity, and being the highest version of myself in everything I do.  Whether it’s in my adventures as an athlete, as a former nano-technologist, a devoted husband, a motivational speaker, an author or a person recovering from a life-altering injury; I choose to live each and every day awed by how grateful I am to experience the stoke of this life.

I believe life is all about experiences.  For as long as I can remember, the experience of being on the water and behind a boat has captivated my creativity and made me feel lucky to be alive.  After sustaining a spinal cord injury to my first lumbar vertebra in March of 2010, and being told my cherished independence and love of outdoor life had become a thing of the past, I worked tirelessly to beat the odds and and ended up making some history along the way (more on that later).  Spurred by my commitment to live an adventure-filled life on my terms, an overwhelming sense of self-belief, and armed with the unconditional love and support of my soul mate and wife Shawna, I decided right from the start I would rise.  I would rise to again ride the very snowmobile I broke my back on, again pilot my whitewater kayak, and I would once again rise to feel the wind in my face and the water at my chest behind a Centurion boat using a sit-down wake surfing rig and a SkySki hydrofoil. 

By doing the hard work and tirelessly visualizing my progression, I found the continued strength to reclaim my activity-based lifestyle by becoming the first spinal cord-injured athlete in history to ski the final degree of latitude on our planet to the geographic South Pole, using only my arms.  I have set the goal of 120% recovery (which I am well on my way to achieving), and I’ve made it my personal mission to showcase the enduring human spirit within us all, and to further empower humanity to realize their endless ability to overcome challenge by simply choosing positivity in their own lives.

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