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Cory Teunissen

Hailing from ‘Straya, Cory has sailed up the ranks pretty quickly from a young age. At 15, Cory was the first to land a Toeside wake to wake 1080 in competition. Growing up on the water and with some guidance from surf legend Mick Fanning, he quickly learned how to properly take a hobby and turn it into a full career that has taken him around the world. To learn more, read his interview below.

Career Highlights

  • Multiple time World Cup champion
  • 2x pro am champion
  • Multiple time PWT stop champion
  • Moomba masters champion
  • Current world champion
  • Current wake series overall champion


Where are you from?

Where do you currently reside?
Australia and America

What’s your middle name?
Jurriaan. Guess what nationality!

Board setup?
Obrien CTP with the Nomad Bindings

Started out goofy. But I do more tricks left foot forward now. Can I swap?

How long have you been riding?
First stood up on a wakeboard 15 years ago.

How many years professional?
Going into my third year being a pro.

Favorite waters to ride on?
Waters that I haven’t ridden before. Theres something about riding in different spots that keeps it so exciting.

Go-to trick?

What trick was the hardest to learn?
Double flips

Best ever landed?
Double flips or 10’s


Current Netflix show?
The Blastlist. Get on it. It’s a good thing.

Best part of being a professional athlete?
Meeting so many new faces and getting to tell my story through my riding.

Should pineapple on pizza be a crime?
Don’t you dare talk bad about pineapple being on pizzas.

Tell me a good story about yourself. Doesn’t have to be wakeboarding/wakesurfing related.
Right. Tow in surfing in Australia. 6-8foot swell, wind coming from every single direction it felt like. Driving the jet ski through massive swell and trying to navigate where to go. Pretty tough job for someone that has next to no experience doing it before. Great start right?. I punched through a wave and the wave flips the jet ski over. It’s myself and my brother trying to flip this thing back over while just getting pounded by waves. Mind you, the jet ski was almost sinking it had that much water in it. I tell my bro to take it out and get the water out of it and I’ll stay treading water. Bad idea. I’m getting pounded by waves with a life jacket on (with no padding, don’t tell mum) and getting taken out to sea. My bro is nowhere to be seen. My only option was to swim over to the rock wall and try and climb up or get taken out to sea. Wasn’t thinking very straight cause I was pretty much in panic mode, I swum over to the rock wall and got picked up by what felt like a 12ft wave and got dumped straight onto the rocks. Eventually climbed up the rocks and was out with cuts and bruises from the barnacles and the sharp rocks. 2 minutes later the rescue helicopter comes flying overhead. Someone standing on the rock wall saw how bad I was struggling and called for help. Was pretty gnarly. Every since then I’ve had a mad respect for the ocean and will never go surf alone. Don’t believe me? Ask Jamie Neville, Daniel powers or my bro (the dog leaving me to die), They saw it first hand.

Favorite artist to get loud and ride to?
Childish Gambino

Best flight you’ve ever been on?
All flights going home to Australia

Worst flight you’ve ever been on?
2016 World cup stop in China going from Linyi to Orlando. Timed the whole trip, took me 45 hours.

What’s the most run-down, most legitimately worried about getting exterminated in your sleep motel, you’ve ever had to stay in?
The unexpected overnight layover in Beijing on that trip. Still worried about my health now.

Which action sport athlete has had the biggest impact in their sport? Explain.
I would have to say John Florence and his impact on both competitive surfing and free surfing. For years he never really cared about winning a world title and just cared about how his surfing was. After winning pretty much every other award in the surf industry, he wanted to win a world title and won it the following year. Just goes to show that anything is possible in both aspects of any sport. Plus it helps he is just an absolute beast. Or Mark McMorris, he single handedly changed competitive snowboarding and pushed the sport into new heights.

Same question, but biggest impact on you?
I think Mick Fanning. I spend a little bit of time with Mick while I’m home and he mentors me through things and shows what it takes to be the best possible athlete. Cheers brother.

Who’s your anchor?
Family. Is now and always will be.


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