[Ashley Kidd]Wake Surf
Ashley Kidd

Ashley started wake surfing in 2009, a year later she began competing professionally. A year later she entered in the 2010 World Wake Surf Championship, where she entered in the amateur women’s group and took 2nd place. We are ok with her not having a middle name since we haven’t seen her do anything other than obliterate the competition in every event she participates in. Read up more on her in the interview below.

Where are you from?
Corpus Christi, Texas

Where do you currently reside?
Austin, Texas

What’s your middle name?
I actually don’t have one! And no I’m not just saying that!

Board and boat setup?
AK Wake Surf Board and Centurion Ri237


How long have you been riding?
Since 2009

How many years professional?
I turned pro in 2010

Favorite waters to ride on?
Lake Austin when it’s empty and glassy!

Go-to trick?
Air 180.. always a fun trick

What trick was the hardest to learn?
Alley Oop was the most difficult for me to learn for some reason but now it is simple haha

Best ever landed?
Big spin

Surfing, snowboarding, yoga, weight lifting, baking, shopping, painting, reading

Current Netflix show?

Favorite artist to get loud and ride to?
Chainsmokers, Flume, Dirty Heads

Best flight you’ve ever been on?
Hmm, probably a short trip from Cali in first class… they serve really good fruit!

Worst flight you’ve ever been on?
My flight to Russia because it was 9 hours and my seat wouldn’t recline!

What’s the most run-down, most legitimately worried about getting exterminated in your sleep motel, you’ve ever had to stay in?
Puerto Rico Airbnb it was so sketchy I seriously thought I was going to die!

Best part of being a professional athlete?
Doing what I love every day of my life!

Should pineapple on pizza be a crime?
Only when you’re at a real Italian restaurant lol

Who’s your anchor?
My mom, she helps me with anything I ever need no matter what it has to do with. She’s my best friend and also a great mother.


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