UNI-T Universal T-Top


Introducing the worldʼs first weight-assisted universal folding T-Top for center console boats with the all-new Roswell UNI-T. This unique design is fully adjustable to fit a wide variety of consoles, maximizing space and function with the ability to easily fold forward to a lowered height of 60 in (152cm) from the deck. Roswellʼs patented weight-assist technology is integrated to give users the ability to easily fold the UNI-T for overhead clearance during storage or when passing underneath bridges. Created for maximum compatibility and convenience, the UNI-T features a compact footprint and distinct lines that compliment center console boats of all sizes.

Available Options:

  • Standard White Powder Coat US (w/Canvas)
  • Standard Black Powder Coat US (w/Canvas)
  • Roswell’s six-stage Chem Film immersion treatment process to passivate aluminum parts for advanced corrosion protection and paint adhesion.

Patent no. US 9,180,943 B2; US 8,196 542, B2

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Deck to bimini (lowest): 6ft 3in | 28.46 cm
Weight assisted folding to a lowered height of 60 in | 152 cm from deck
Corner plates for lights & antennasCompact leg design to keep in tight to the center console
Adjustable side section width range: 18 in – 50 in | 45.72 cm – 127 cmSimple to install, universal console mounting bar
Fold-able BiminiPre-run wiring pull cables

UNI-T Universal T-Top Boat Tower Folding Options


Black Powder Coat, Chem Film, White Powder Coat

Mounting Hardware

316 Stainless Steel

Tower Materials

T5 6061 aluminum – SCHED 40

Vertical Tubing Size

2.375 in (6.03 cm)

Horizontal Tubing Size

2.735 in (4.826 cm)

Handle Tubing Size

1.5 in (3.81 cm)