Purpose driven sound.

Premium Marine-Grade In-Boat Speakers, by Roswell, are built to last longer and give you the best sound on the water. Whether you’re upgrading your old boat or customizing your new model boats, we’ve got you covered.

In-Boat Speakers

R1 8″ In-Boat SpeakerR1 8″ In-Boat Speaker

R1 8″ In-Boat Speaker

$489.00 USD$638.00 USD
R1 6.5″ In-Boat SpeakerR1 6.5″ In-Boat Speaker

R1 6.5″ In-Boat Speaker

$379.00 USD$528.00 USD
R 6.5″ In-Boat SpeakerR 6.5″ In-Boat Speaker
6510 Classic In-Boat6510 Classic In-Boat

6510 Classic In-Boat

$189.00 USD$338.00 USD
6.5″ LED Night Ring6.5″ LED Night Ring

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