[Product Development]

From Concept to Completion

  • Concept

    At the core of any great product lies an innovative idea, an understanding that there is a better way forward than the way things are being done. Getting to that idea requires something more; an understanding of where you have been, and a vision of where you want to go. This is the genesis of creating something new and compelling,

  • Completion

    We will work with you from step one to help improve an existing product, or to create something new entirely. With decades of combined experience in PD&D and manufacturing, our team can collaborate with yours to achieve virtually any design goal. While others are trying to change the game, we’ll be changing the rules. 

Understanding Your Brand and Design Needs

Being an OEM partner with Roswell involves more than just pulling parts off of a shelf and sending them out the door. At Roswell we have the ability to tailor solutions to your exact needs and goals.

Your Brand

Your brand is more than just your name. We learn who you are, what you care about, and the core values that define you. We seek to understand how your brand came to be where it is today, so we can collaborate on a solution that will help you take your brand where you want it to be tomorrow.

Design Needs

Everyone has different requirements and needs. Our collaboration begins with gathering information; meeting with you, researching your products, and listening to feedback from people who interact with your product on all levels, from the install team on your production line, to the service techs at your dealerships, to the end user out on the water.


Putting your design concepts to paper. 

We start with a broad focus based on your design goals and refine the product through iterative development until we have the best product possible to suit your needs.


Taking the product from paper to prototype

We start building the prototype CAD models in Solidworks and creating our Bill of Materials during this process. Once the design is confirmed in CAD we step the product into the next phase with rapid prototyping

 Rapid Prototyping

 Testing fits & mechanics in as little time as possible

Using 3D printing, we can get a tangible model to be tested for fit and function within hours. Creating samples via rapid prototyping, we can quickly review designs and revise as necessary before manufacturing P1 Prototypes.

First Prototype

First build using the Bill of Materials (B.O.M.)

Rigorous testing then occurs to ensure product will withstand above and beyond any normal use with the help of our Pull and Shake testing. Along with UV and salt accelerated testing, we also utilize the Florida sun and salt for our product testing, making adjustments as needed to the B.O.M. until we have the highest quality product possible.

Final Products

When Concept meets Completion