Roswell Manufacturing

Rockledge, FL

Roswell’s unique, concept-to-completion capabilities have been supercharged with the expansion of our Florida-based world headquarters and manufacturing facility. Taking our signature approach to implementing new processes and state-of-the-art equipment, limitless potential continues to evolve beyond the horizon with no end in sight.

[Mazak CNC Machines]

The modular design of our manufacturing floor is configured for growth utilizing the precision and efficiency of Mazak CNC Machines featuring their revolutionary Smooth Technology.

[Mazak HCN5000’s]

[Mazak HCN8800]

Mazak HCN 8800 and HCN 5000 Horizontal Machining Centers give us an industry-leading edge in high-capacity production and rapid prototyping. The HCN 8800 features a built-in, two-pallet changer, while the HCN 5000s, each with 120-tool changers, are part of a Mazak two-tiered, 24-pallet PALLETECH Automation System.

[Mazak Palletech High Rise System]

Mazak’s state of the art two-tiered Palletec High Rise System allows us to run lights out 24/7. a PALLETECH System can accommodate up to 16 Mazak machines, six to 240 pallets and as many as eight loading stations for unattended operation.

[Mazak Quick Turn 350MY CNC Turning Center]

Our Mazak turning center with Y-Axis functionality and live tooling enables us to incorporate complex mill and off-center hole features that are not achievable on a standard lathe. Its automation and machine features minimize setups and allow us to process parts in a wide range of diameters at a high rate of production.


Our experienced team of programmers, machinists and management have an intimate working knowledge of every part of our state-of-the-art processes. Innovative, centralized work stations promote incredible cohesion amongst the team. Programmers and management remain available on the floor during operation while possessing the ability to physically run our Mazak CNC Machines to maintain clear communication, rapid response and project implementation.

[MIG and TIG Welding]

Our welding department features an arsenal of state-of-the-art equipment to provide our team of experienced professionals with the ability to maintain efficient production at the highest quality standard in the industry. Our innovative workspaces and proven processes include in-house built jigs and tooling to ensure precision and rapid implementation to get your product to market perfect and on-time. Large ovens preheat parts to ensure consistency and strength in every weld. 

[Pipe Bending]

From tower to bimini production and beyond our in-house 3D pipe bender brings every angle to life.

[Chem Film]

This six stage immersion process applies a chemical conversion coating used to passivate aluminum for advanced corrosion protection and paint adhesion while leaving dimensions unchanged.

Watch our Chem Film Process in Action. >

[Marine Paint]

Our paint department utilizes the industry’s latest coatings and processes to ensure your Roswell product’s perfect finish is ready to withstand the harshest marine environments. Two 500 sq. ft. semi-down draft paint booths and our experienced team give us the ability to meet large-volume demands with unmatched quality. 

Custom Paint and Color-Matching Options

Our paint department employs a diverse lineup of marine-grade paint and primers from different manufacturers, including  House of Kolor® and the PPG® vibrance collection. Combined with our RapidMatch X-5 spectrophotometer and computer-controlled paint mixing system, we can offer precise color-matching and limitless custom paint options.


Marine Audio

Roswell Marine’s OEM Audio systems are customized for each application, pre-built, packaged and shipped ready to rock.

Plug and Play Systems

Our custom plug-and-play systems reduce the margin for error to ensure efficient factory installation and maximum performance.


Every amp board is built to spec per boat model, then tested and tuned in sound rooms created for each individual OEM partner. This unique process includes a series of checks by our trained audio technicians with the system fully configured to the specified boat model, eliminating the need for additional tuning after installation.


Two decades dedicated to designing and manufacturing the world’s most innovative towers has made Roswell the most sought after name in the industry. Our dedicated team of experienced, professional technicians and quality inspectors ensure that each tower leaving our facility lives up to our extreme high-quality standards and award-winning reputation.

[Quality Control]

Quality checks are carefully performed after each step of the manufacturing process to ensure every product meets our high standards.