80,000 sq. ft facility in Rockledge, FL

100% climate controlled from front to back keeping our team and equipment comfortable.


Roswell’s capabilities are endless with our state of the art machine shop.

[Mazak Manufacturing]

The modular design of our manufacturing floor is configured for growth utilizing the precision and efficiency of Mazak’s CNC Machines. 

[Mazak HCN5500]

[Mazak HCN8800]

[Mazak Palletech High Rise System]

Mazak’s state of the art Palletec High Rise System allow us to run lights out, 24/7.  Build chambers give us the capability to manufacture incredibly large parts that deliver your product better and faster than any facility in the U.S.A.


Our experienced team of programmers, machinists and management have an intimate working knowledge of every part of our state-of-the-art processes. Innovative, centralized work stations promote incredible cohesion amongst the team. Programmers and management remain available on the floor during operation while possessing the ability to physically run our Mazak CNC Machines to maintain clear communication,rapid response and project implementation. 


Bringing concepts to life under one roof.


Utilizing TiG & MiG, we use our oven for pre-heating parts prior to welding  State of the Art Syncrowave Welders. All of our jigs and tooling are built in-house.

[3D Pipe Bender]

3D Pipe Bender has given us the ability to bring all of our bimini production in-house.

[Quality Control]

Quality checks are carefully performed after each step of the manufacturing process to ensure every product meets our high standards.

Marine Paint Department

Custom paint to cover all of your needs.

Our paint department use a wide array of paint manufacturers including the PPG vibrance collection and House of Kolor, in conjunction with marine grade primers, that allow us to offer precise color matching and limitless custom possibilities that will stand strong in the harsh environments. 

Roswell Marine Audio

Roswell Marine’s plug and play systems keep your factory floors moving.

[Plug and Play Systems]

We create a plug and play system that eliminates the margin for error during install in the boat once it reaches their facility ensuring maximum performance.

[Quality Control]

We utilize personalized sound rooms that allow us to test and tune with precision in booths built specifically for our OEM partners as well as our growing line of first-class audio products. With Quality Control a top priority, our team inspects each product here on the RMA line to ensure perfection and the ability to address any issues immediately.