JIT Distribution

Meet your weekly and monthly production requirements

Here at Roswell we specialize in JIT shipping. Our warehouse size allows us to inventory several large OEM customers product and ship to them on a weekly/Bi-weekly/monthly production plan that is set up between a Roswell Account Manager and client. This allows our customers to free up more space for production and save on the man power needed to manage extra inventory.



Staying ahead of the curve.

One main goal we have in a successful partnership is to ensure your production line is constantly moving. We always work directly with your purchasing & production departments to forecast your production needs. Utilizing weekly and monthly forecasting spreadsheets in conjunction with your historical usage, we can more accurately supply your JIT production needs.


Efficiency for everyone

To ensure on-time deliveries, we work closely with all of the best freight options available to keep product moving in a timely manner. We design all of our OEM products with the intention of bulk shipping small and large items in the most efficient way possible. We custom build bulk racks and shipping solutions that get the product to your door safe and sound and work well in your production environment.


Keeping your warehouse efficient

We take as much pride in our packaging as we do our product. The packaging our product is delivered in is as important as the product itself. It needs to be easily identifiable in the warehouse with product numbers, names, and images visible from long distances so your time is spent on important tasks. We can incorporate barcoding and serial numbers if needed to work with your inventory management system.