Where Imagination meets Sound

In creating the complete package of customization and innovative new options for Invincible Boats, the Roswell R1 audio line delivers a signature sound engineered for perfection on the water. Celebrated by audio connoisseurs across the globe, the R1 badge is a stamp of excellence in sound systems seamlessly integrated to provide unmatched clarity, power, durability, and style in every model. A new audio experience has been discovered offshore where no combination of wind and waves can compete with the feeling generated by rich, full sound designed to pour into every moment. Developed out of passion for unmatched performance in the marine environment, Roswell R1 audio was purpose-built to meet the demands of elite boat manufacturers and customers who demand the very best.

Invincible Boats Roswell R1 Audio Packages
Integrated RGB LED backlight the cone to create your desired visual atmosphere Klippel® tested and certified to guarantee acoustic performance
Concealed integrated 12DB/OCT crossover network Deutsch wiring harness included for water-tight connection
2-Year Warranty Extreme saltwater and UV resistance

R1 Marine Speakers

6.5″ 80W RMS | 160W PEAK

8″ 100W RMS | 200W PEAK

Tower Speakers

R1 Pro 200W RMS  |  400W PEAK

R1 Subwoofers

10″ 250W RMS  |  500W PEAK

12″ 500W RMS  |  1,000W PEAK

R1 Stackable Marine Amplifiers


100W X 6 @ 4Ω
165W X 6 @ 2Ω
300W X 3 @ 4Ω [BRIDGED]


100W X 4 @ 4Ω
165W X 4 @ 2Ω
300W X 2 @ 4Ω [BRIDGED]


165W X 2 @ 4Ω
275W X 2 @ 2Ω
550W X 1 @ 4Ω [BRIDGED]


400W X 1 @ 4Ω
675W X 1 @ 2Ω
1,000W X 1 @ 1Ω

More Invincible Products

The Roswell RISE System is the first product of its kind in providing you the ability to adjust the height of your helm controls at the touch of a button.

The all-new patent-pending Roswell RIDE Seat Suspension System featuring R-Flex technology was created to absorb the impact of rough water, keeping you comfortable and coming back for more.

The Roswell RIDGE Helm Deflection System was created to redirect wind and water around the console, giving you the ability to push into new territory with calm control.