[Roswell U.S. Factory]

Warehouse, Manufacturing, & Distribution

Roswell’s Product Hub

What happens back here is the foundation that drives the experiences of hundreds of thousands of boaters all over the world. From fabrication, assembly, and painting to installation, QA, and shipping, it all starts here. Our team of elite techs, specialists, fabricators, and gurus are on a mission to create the best experience with our marine products and accessories that you will ever have.


With nearly 1.5 million cubic feet of storage space, there’s a lot of things we could be doing in the warehouse, like using it for an indoor driving range, or hiding a medium-sized roller coaster. Instead, we keep that space chock-full of the latest and greatest towers, accessories, and marine audio gear. The tower that helps you land your first wake-to-wake experience could be sitting on our shelves right now, all because we thought that was more important than having our own roller coaster. You’re welcome.

Q.C. & Shipping

Final step for the journey

100% of all our towers have a final QC before heading off to their destination. Being next to our shipping/receiving department allows for quick transfers to get the product out the door and to the customer.

Testing, Tuning, and Assembly

Hear the difference

Our plug-and-play audio packages are built around the needs of your production line and purchasing plans. Whether it is a simple 4-speaker setup or a 2,500-watt premium sound system, we can assist with design and implementation to ensure every step of the process is as streamlined as possible. Our process guarantees consistency from one system to the next and takes the guesswork out of system setup and installation.

We are constantly expanding the products that we build in-house. We take pride in our product and have the ability to quickly setup new stations to manage large and speedy product fulfillments. 

Paint Department

Custom paint to match any needs

Our paint department sits in a 3,500 sq. ft. section of our warehouse with a 500 sq. ft. semi down-draft paint booth. Our paint department lead has more than 15 years of professional industrial painting experience in automotive and marine. 

Our paint department employs a diverse lineup of marine-grade paint and primers from different manufacturers, including the PPG vibrance collection and House of Kolor. Combined with our RapidMatch X-5 spectrophotometer and computer-controlled paint mixing system, we can offer precise color-matching and limitless custom paint options that will stand strong in harsh marine environments.

Install Bay

Our products are the heart of our company. After years of the design and development of our products, we take pride into the custom installs for various amounts projects and customers. Roswell’s install bay is where the final completion happens and provides a nice shooting are to create media to promote our products and partners.

Staging Area

We dedicate a large area of our warehouse to be a staging area for our booths that we use for the many trade shows and expos we are apart of around the world.

The Compound