What Happens In The Front

A lot happens within the realm of Roswell. Inspired by our global market footprint, the U.S. front offices is the epicenter of our marketing department, accounting, research & design, client meeting rooms, sales, and special projects. All of our work spaces are named after our various manufacturing and distribution centers around the world. The entire office was designed and built in-house by our team members, including all welding, carpentry, painting, and floor treatments.

Main Lobby

Our offices were designed to have an open atmosphere to keep communications quick and allow for interdepartmental work-flows. Our global board rooms utilize garage doors for privacy on calls, client and internal meetings, as well as for use as temporary visitor offices. 

Canada Room

Whether you need to run a meeting, conference call, or you need an office for the day; our facilities can accommodate and adapt for all.

Asia Room

Europe Room

Work Areas

We use open work space to encourage collaboration


An open CEO for an open company. 

Roswell Museum

A walk through Roswell history

Roswell’s history since its inception in 1998 has been well documented and is now displayed in this hallway dedicated to it. From the first X-Tension pylon to the many towers, speakers, and other great things we have been honored to be a part of within the marine industry.

Hearing the goods

Our acoustics showroom is where our final products land giving visitors a chance to experience it all first hand.

Lounge and Relax

Life can get stressful so take a break and relax.

Kids Welcome

Entertain the little ones

Sometimes finding babysitters can be difficult. Our employees bring their kids from time-to-time to play around after school hours and holidays. There’s plenty for them to do and keep them entertained.

Roswell US Factory

See where all the magic happens