[Roswell Global]

Roswell Canada

Roswell’s roots run deep in Canada. We set the seeds here and began conquering the marine industry back in 1998, the rest is history. The core of our product & packaging design, engineers, and operations are out of our offices here in Edmonton. Come take a tour.

Roswell US

Anchored in Florida just outside of Orlando, this is where our main operations, manufacturing, warehouse, marketing, and R&D testing happen. We have been in the US for over a decade and consider it the headquarters of Roswell Global and its subsidiaries. Come take a look.

Roswell US Factory

Sharing a roof with our US offices, the US factory is home to the majority of our product stock for the North American market, Roswell’s paint department, assembly stations, main install bay, manufacturing, and more live here. Take a step inside the belly of the beast.