Where Imagination Meets Sound

Music is the international language that can be associated with every great moment and no one speaks it better than Roswell Marine. Innovating sound integration and creation on the water has led Roswell to develop premium audio components considered to be the very best on the market.

Revolutionizing the industry with a signature sound engineered for perfection on the water, you will find the Roswell audio line celebrated by enthusiasts and the world’s top boat manufacturers in applications where unmatched clarity, power, durability, and style is demanded. As Roswell audio evolves beyond sound alone to define a culture of acoustic perfection, it has become a catalyst for new experiences. The relentless pursuit of a combined passion for music and being on the water, the Roswell Audio line is developed without boundaries, to create a category all its own.


From Concept to Completion
See behind the doors of Roswell’s product development & manufacturing service capabilities