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Planet Nautique G23 Paragon | Special Project

Each year Planet Nautique owner Jeff Carrol picks up his new boat at the Nautique factory and brings it straight to Roswell HQ to create a unique masterpiece of sight and sound. As an authority on all things Nautique boats with a notorious attention to detail and quality, Jeff demands the best and gives us carte blanche to deliver. 

Jeff arrived with the pinnacle of Nautique wake boat design and engineering with a 2022 G23 Paragon featuring Roswell factory-equipped innovation in the Paragon Telescoping Flight Control Tower, board racks, and mirror; our additional touch magic came in the form of a custom R1 Roswell Marine Audio system. We went top to bottom with R1 Pro Tower Speakers, R1 Subwoofers, and our new R1 7.7 Marine Speakers that provide a direct-fit swap to wrap the cockpit and bow in our signature sound. Those who have experienced our premium R1 marine audio line understand a level of rich clarity designed specifically to sound perfect in an outside environment and withstand the elements. For years, Jeff has trusted us to make his take his boats to the next level and we are honored to have him a part of the Roswell family. 

2022 Planet Nautique G23 Paragon Roswell Rap Sheet: 

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