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More people than ever are being drawn to the outdoors and in many areas of the world being on or near the water with family and friends is the pinnacle of recreation. For the first time in recent history, getting together with your loved ones in a safe, fun environment has been a challenge, and for many people there has been no better solution than being on a boat. New and used boat sales are at an all-time high and as people search for more ways to enhance their experience on the water, audio upgrades are at the top of the list. The Roswell Marine family has a deep-rooted passion for music and a long history of innovating audio integration in boats along with developing the premium signature sound of the Roswell R1 line of speakers and accessories. 

Roswell R1 Marine Audio Pro Wake Tower Speakers
Roswell R1 Marine Audio Pro Wake Tower Speakers at Sunset

Configuring the perfect sound stage is an art form individualized for every boat and owner, and while OEM systems are getting better and better every year, there is always room for improvement, particularly when bringing new upgrades into an older boat. New marine audio technology on the market today has created the possibility to experience music on the water in a way that consumes you. A new understanding of what listening to your favorite song, in your favorite place, with your favorite people can feel like is something that changes your perspective entirely. Entering into the dark art of new-age marine audio can be intimidating, but the transformation from lake librarian to concert captain is easier than you think. 

An audio upgrade is the best way to add new flare to an old favorite and provides boat dealers, manufacturers and customers with an opportunity to add value and enhance their on-water experience. As new speakers, amplifiers, and accessories developed specifically for marine applications are relatively new on the scene, deteriorating or under performing audio equipment in older boats is incredibly common. Traditionally, the technology and products utilized in boat sound systems were borrowed from the car audio industry with little to no modifications made to address the durability and sound quality needs of an outdoor marine environment. Older boats were often equipped with four to six interior speakers powered by a head unit alone and upgrade options were generally limited to adding a single amplifier and subwoofer. These options leave them severely under powered and improperly tuned to perform in a situation where moving water, wind and engine noise remain constant. If you want to get loud on the water, you’re going to need the proper package. 

The Roswell R1 audio line has revolutionized the industry with a signature sound engineered for perfection on the water. Celebrated by audio connoisseurs across the globe, the world’s top boat manufacturers now look to Roswell to create plug-and-play solutions that deliver a complete system designed to ensure unmatched clarity, power, durability, and style in every model. In OEM factory-installed audio applications, Roswell designers get into every new boat, both in the factory and on the water, to review the acoustics and the available space to create the best possible sound system for that particular boat and layout. Considerations are taken for staging, sound quality, and consistency throughout the listening area. Once the design and layout is finalized and approved,a team of trained technicians build amplifier boards to spec for each boat going down the production line. The system is then tested and tuned in a custom sound room dedicated to each Roswell partner. This unique process includes a series of checks with the system fully configured to the specified boat model, eliminating the need for additional tuning after installation.

While a significant amount of focus is put on being loud, it is important to consider the sound quality you’re producing at high volume when choosing speakers for your boat. The advantages of premium marine speakers are not limited to durability; they are designed to deliver rich, full, clear sound in an outdoor marine setting. What sets apart a good speaker from a great speaker is being able to clearly hear your music while underway. With the incredible capabilities possessed by today’s boats, the conditions in which high quality sound is demanded are more challenging than ever. Depending on the boat’s style and layout, the ideal configuration for the ultimate sound system may include interior speakers, subwoofers, and tower speakers which are now popular on boats within nearly every segment of the industry.

  • Roswell R1 Pro Tower Speakers Black Grille
    R1 Pro Tower Speakers
  • Roswell Marine Audio R1 In-Boat Package
    R1 Marine Audio Package W/ RGB Remote & Controller
  • R1 8" Marine Speaker
    R1 8″ Marine Speaker
  • Best Roswell Marine 12 Inch Marine Subwoofer Twelve In Sub
    R1 12″ Subwoofer

Receiving the 2019 IBEX Innovation Award, the Patented Roswell R1 Pro Tower Speaker has become the R1 flagship, taking a step beyond convention with unmatched sound along with the world’s first RGB LED light-permeable housing. The Roswell’s RGB Remote gives users the ability to choose from 20 pre-programmed colors and patterns along with 15 modes that react to your music as it plays to consume your senses of sight and sound.

Advanced materials, RGB lighting and futuristic design features give today’s elite speakers center stage, but marine amplifiers can breathe new life into even the most simple set-up. While most head units have a built in amplifier capable of running a smaller system on their own, the additional power and flexibility offered by a dedicated amplifier setup is nothing short of incredible by comparison. When the R1 audio line was created, we set out to develop an innovative solution to power the pinnacle of marine sound. R1 Stackable Amplifiers give you the ability to create the audio system of your dreams with no limitations. When designing a system there are a few key points to keep in mind, and they are just as important for the do-it-yourselfer as they are for the boat builder. 

Roswell R1 Marine Audio Pro Wake Tower Speakers
Roswell R1 Marine Audio Pro Wake Tower Speakers

Each speaker in your boat will have a rating for RMS wattage, which is the power the speaker can continuously handle without damage. In order to maximize system performance, it is recommended to ensure that the amplifier is capable of producing more than the rated RMS power of the speaker. This is known as “headroom”, and it’s important because amplifiers, like engines, have a certain power output that they do their best work at, and to ensure the best performance over the long term, it’s not good to have either amplifiers or engines constantly “redlining”. Typically, 10-20% ‘headroom’ is recommended. When deciding on the power needs of your marine sound system, be sure the amplifier configuration has sufficient headroom to provide clean power that meets the RMS requirements of the speakers for optimal performance. 

Roswell R1 Amplifiers are rated by the RMS wattage they can deliver and the number of channels they have to distribute the power. For example, the Roswell R1 650.4 amp produces up to 650 watts of continuous power through 4 channels, depending on the impedance of the speakers being powered. This is represented by the Ω (Ohm) symbol in most cases, and 4Ω is typical for most speakers. 2Ω is also common to see, particularly in subwoofers, as a lower impedance will ‘pull’ more power from the amplifier than a higher impedance. If a great deal of power is needed (for example when amplifying high-powered speakers like the R1 Pro), you can ‘bridge’ the amplifier, which essentially combines the power of 2 channels into a single output. When doing this it is important to be mindful of the impedance rating of the amplifier, as bridging channels below their rated impedance can result in damage. 

  • Roswell Marine Audio Amplifier 900.6
    R1 900.6 Marine Amplifier
  • Roswell Marine Audio Class-D Marine Bridgeable 4-Channel Amplifier
    R1 650.4 Marine Amplifier
  • Roswell R1 1000.1 Marine Amplifier
    R1 1000.1 Marine Amplifier
  • Roswell Marine Audio Class-D Marine Bridgeable 2-Channel Amplifier
    R1 550.2 Marine Amplifier

With hundreds of Roswell dealers and distributors worldwide, the opportunity to get loud with Roswell R1 audio is available to customers everywhere. Whether building a dream boat with one of Roswell’s OEM partners, fully customizing an aftermarket system with a dealer, or taking a hands-on approach to audio upgrades at home, Roswell has developed every detail of the R1 audio line to create the best experience possible on the water.

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