Roswell Marine and Invincible Boats Introduce New Award Winning Technology to Innovate the Offshore Experience

Roswell Invincible Boats Sunset Cruise

Roswell Marine (February 15, 2021) – Roswell Marine has partnered with Invincible Boats to introduce all-new technology that innovates the offshore experience at the helm. Invincible’s industry-leading performance center consoles have revolutionized offshore capabilities, taking serious anglers to their fishing grounds farther and faster than ever before. Focused on creating an operating environment that delivers a new level of comfort and control while unlocking the boat’s full potential, Roswell Marine has developed the Innovation Award Winner RISE Telescoping Helm System, RIDGE Helm Deflection System, and RIDE Seat Suspension System now available on select Invincible Boats models.

“The partnership between Roswell Marine and Invincible Boats is an exciting push beyond any accepted standard in the offshore industry to discover new possibilities and introduce what’s next,’’ said Roswell Marine Founder, Chairman, and CEO Robert Oswell. “With thousands of miles logged over the past two years in our 37’ Catamaran I can attest to the unreal capabilities these boats possess. The paradigm has shifted to a point where the boat can safely handle more than the captain and crew in many cases. Working with the amazing team at Invincible, we focused on improving the user experience with new technology options that allow you to maximize the full potential of the boat with comfort and confidence,” added Oswell.

These exciting new innovations can be experienced along with Roswell Marine’s premium R1 Audio options this week at the Miami International Boat Show. Visit Roswell at booth MB3709 at the Miami Beach Convention Center and on the water aboard their custom 37’ Invincible Catamaran at Sea Isle Marina slip 509.

Innovation Award Winner Roswell Rise Telescoping Helm System

Roswell Rise Telescoping Helm System

The Innovation Award Winner Roswell Rise System is the first product of its kind in providing you the ability to adjust the height of your helm controls at the touch of a button. Utilizing Roswell’s patented telescoping technology, the control center can be vertically adjusted to the operator’s preferred height, preventing the need to lean forward in order to reach the controls. With the Rise system deployed, the controls can be easily reached while seated, and when used in conjunction with the telescoping seat system, the operating position can be elevated even further for improved 360 degree visibility and comfort.

Invincible Boats Roswell Telescoping Helm System Graphic
Invincible Boats Roswell Ridge Helm Deflection System
Invincible Boats Roswell Ridge Helm Deflection System

As center consoles get faster and more capable in challenging conditions, we are experiencing a new intensity of elements inside the boat. The Roswell RIDGE Helm Deflection System was created to redirect wind and water around the console, giving you the ability to push into new territory with calm control. During our design process, we conducted wind dynamic testing to perfect each angle in developing a rigid deflection solution that minimizes elemental impact, reducing wind noise and optimizing the overall experience at the helm.

Invincible Boats with Roswell Ridge Helm Deflection System
Invincible Boats without Roswell Ridge Helm Deflection System

Invincible Boats Roswell Marine Ride Seat Suspension System

Invincible Boats Ride Seat Suspension by Roswell Marine

The Roswell RIDE Seat Suspension System featuring R-Flex technology was created to absorb the impact of rough water, keeping you comfortable and coming back for more. Delivering flawless function in a low-profile package, the RIDE system’s versatile design makes it adaptable to a wide range of boats without impacting ergonomics at the helm. Featuring a hinged aluminum wishbone frame perfectly balanced to articulate in concert with spring-loaded R-FLEX suspension blocks, the RIDE system is configured for comfort and built to last.

Invincible Boats Roswell Ride Seat Suspension System

Invincible Boats Roswell Ride Seat Suspension System Technical Drawing
R1 Roswell Marine Audio Logo

In creating the complete package of customization and innovative new options for Invincible Boats, the Roswell R1 audio line delivers a signature sound engineered for perfection on the water. Celebrated by audio connoisseurs across the globe, the R1 badge is a stamp of excellence in sound systems seamlessly integrated to provide unmatched clarity, power, durability, and style in every model. A new audio experience has been discovered offshore where no combination of wind and waves can compete with the feeling generated by rich, full sound designed to pour into every moment. Developed out of passion for unmatched performance in the marine environment, Roswell R1 audio was purpose-built to meet the demands of elite boat manufacturers and customers who demand the very best.

Roswell Marine Miami International Boat Show Location
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