Connecting a worldwide community of riders and enthusiasts with a focus on wake boats, the WBP page on Instagram has grown into a content hub and online discussion platform created completely by its followers. An idea born out of a passion for being on the water with a come-one-come-all approach, as WBP gained popularity, their unbiased attitude gave them a level of credibility that has transformed them into a respected authority for their take on products, places, and industry trends. 

Recently, their efforts have expanded to where they have partnered with Roswell as an official dealer along with other brands they believe in to bring WBP followers the best products on the market. 

We sat down with WBP owners Jarred Bies and Eric Sterkel at the 2019 Centurion Wakesurf World Championships to learn more about how they have turned their passion project into a brand and their vision for the future.

Where did WBP start and how did you get such a huge following?

WBP was started by the idea of creating a place where wake boat enthusiasts could come together to see the latest trends, products, and culture. From that grassroots style of growth, WBP gained a huge following generated by its community member’s influence. 


What can people expect on the WBP page?

People can and will always be able to expect WBP social outlets to remain heavily influenced by our community members. WBP’s social media is so special because of the organic content that comes from actively participating followers and partners. That will never change.


What do you offer on the WBP website?

Our website holds the latest and greatest from brands we trust, with unrivaled products. Not only are the companies we partner with dominant in their respective fields, but they are people that hold the same passion that we do.  


What has been the biggest challenge in taking WBP from a passion page to a business?

The main challenge of going from a social outlet to a business was really figuring out where we wanted to take the brand, what was really missing in the industry, and what the customer was asking of us. We didn’t want to create something that had been done before. We wanted to create something that was unique, something that played to our internal strengths and leveraged our partnerships. We feel that we have found those partnerships and have created a business model that capitalizes on that.


How have the relationships WBP has formed over the years within the industry helped turn it into the brand it is today?

We have been blessed with relationships all across the wake boat industry. Whether its Robby Maschhaupt with Pass the Handle, Centurion Boats or Robert, Tyson & Brad at Roswell Marine. These relationships have not only helped mold our business model but have given us lifelong friendships. To us, these friendships are priceless. Thanks to these relationships, we have been able to make major strides in shaping WBP into the company we want to become. 


What made you choose to carry Roswell products on

We wanted to carry a product we believe in. A product that’s built by people with a passion for the marine industry. A company that stands by their product. That was Roswell. There’s a reason so many manufacturers trust Roswell with their OEM needs. Having a history of bringing that same innovation and high quality to satisfy consumer needs on the aftermarket side, we thought it was an amazing opportunity to deliver the experience that Roswell products provide directly to the WBP community. 


What was your first experience with Roswell products?

Our first experience with Roswell products was the OEM products on our Centurion Ri217 & Ri237. They featured Roswell towers with the DownFire speaker system. The system was crisp and loud with an amazing look straight from the factory.

What was your first impression of the Roswell R1 Pro Tower Speakers?

We were absolutely blown away. We installed the speakers at the World Surf Championships in early September. You know it’s a good sign when everyone in the boat has huge smiles on their faces. The sound was loud, crisp & clear. The look is simply stunning, with the ability for the speaker to change color, the speaker sounds as good as it looks. These speakers take Roswell to a whole new level.

What can we expect to see from WBP in the future?

The future is bright for WBP. We will continue to bring the best content in the game & provide our members with the best products in the industry through our e-commerce channel. We look to create a dominant brand in the industry to fill in the missing gaps.

Be sure to visit WBP on instagram @wakeboatporn and online at!

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