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Pass The Handle Day | 2019

This weekend, the watersports industry’s Pass The Handle initiative reaches its sixth year running and the movement couldn’t be stronger. Since the inception of Pass The Handle, it has spread like wildfire in reminding us that we all started with one moment of encouragement to get out there and give something completely new a try. On the third Sunday of July each year, the entire towed watersports community comes together around the world to pay it forward and #PassTheHandle, getting new people behind the boat for the very first time.

Founded by that moment at our very core, our passion for this experience and the journey that continues to bring us back to the water is the catalyst for each product we design. In recent years we have been honored to become a bigger part of the Pass The Handle push alongside the WSIA, Wake the World, Wake For Warriors, Centurion Boats and Team Roswell’s Robby Maschhaupt who has taken point in towing over 750 people at Pass The Handle events each year.

From the entire family here at Roswell to our amazing partners around the world, our passion for passing the handle never stops and this Sunday we hope you will answer the call to grow the sport, share the lifestyle, and spread the love.

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