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Those that have experienced the violent explosion of energy that results in being launched off of a water ski ramp at 70 mph are far and few between. Even fewer are those that have stepped into the void fully committed to flying further than anyone in history. Simply witnessing the insanity of it from shore is an adrenaline rush. While this death-defying spectacle may seem like a wreckless thrill to some, for Team Roswell Jumper Ryan Dodd, it’s perfectly calculated and controlled chaos. That’s the plan anyways. We catch up with Ryan at home during his preparation for the Nautique Masters coming up on May 24th – 26th to talk about what it’s like being the best jumper in the world, a new father, and a part of the Roswell family.

What was it like the first time you hit the ramp?

Terrifying !!!! After I got over that phase a serious addiction set in…


When did you go from three-event skiing to strictly focusing on jump?

IN 2011 I decided that it’s time to fully commit to what I love to do more than anything in the world. Fly!


At what point in your approach to the ramp do you reach the point of no return and have to make the decision to fully commit to launching yourself in the air at nearly 70MPH?

99% of the time I execute a plan that’s set before I step on the water. I know what I’m doing and there is no turning back. I leave no space in my mind for doubt. Of course fear creeps in but I know that if I trust my instincts and listen to my intuition it will end well.


How did it feel to break the world record and fly further than anyone in history?

The feeling of the flight, the immense acceleration, the impact and G force through the lift phase of the jump was so intense that it produced a euphoric high I’ll never forget. Yes, it’s nice to be validated by the score and the achievements of making it into the Guinness book of records, but nothing beats the actual sensation of flying.

Roswell Rider Ryan Dodd and Breanna Dodd's child

Congratulations to you and Breanne on you newborn baby girl! How has becoming a father changed things for you both on and off the water?

I’m a lucky man in this case and I don’t even believe in luck! I’ve got the two best girls in the world on my side. I feel like since I became a father that my life is complete. Every day I have a true sense of meaning and purpose that’s bigger than myself and I’m so thankful. Aria Rose will be cheering me on at the Masters with Breanne. Pretty exciting times.

What was the key element to going from being a good jumper to the best in the world?

I’ve always known I can be the best. Honestly it just took me a long time. I’ve pushed past my limit continuously for so long, that at some point I was bound to be the best. No one is going to work harder than me or put up with more adversity or fight through more setbacks. I always knew at some point it would pay off. Now i just have to keep finding new ways to evolve as a person and athlete.


What is your favorite part about being on the water?

Water is the most calming resource on earth. Being around it is essential to my well being on a daily basis!


What is your favorite Roswell product?

I’m a pretty big fan of my R1 6.5″ In-Boat Speakers with RGB lighting setup. On the other hand my R1 subwoofer package is pretty hard to ignore!


What is it like being a part of the Roswell Family?

I feel truly at home with Roswell and part of the family. From our Canadian roots and home base in Florida to our similar ideals when it comes to business, we just have so much in common. My great Grandma always said, you are the company you keep and in this case I couldn’t be more thankful!





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