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Roswell Australia offers our products to consumers, boat manufacturers and dealerships across the continent from our sales, service and distribution center located in Taren Point, New South Wales. Built to stand up to the elements, our products are the first choice of Australia’s top boat manufacturers and an exciting option for customers wanting to upgrade their boat with the highest quality products on the market.

We sat down with Roswell Australia’s Derek Rodway during a recent visit to our global headquarters to discuss the evolution of Roswell down under along with the different types of boats you’ll find that feature our products both inland and offshore.

Roswell Marine Australia Derek Rodway
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How were you introduced to the Roswell brand?

I was a Larson dealer and met with Robert Oswell at a dealer meeting. We had a very good conversation about the towers and racks from Roswell and discussed some interesting ideas etc. Not long after that we ordered our first towers, racks and accessories and things developed quickly from there.

How did that introduction turn into what has now become Roswell Australia?

After buying my first boat, and then buying a few more, I ended up taking a break from my career in recruitment at the time to work a year in a boat dealership; following my passion you could say. Not long after that I got the opportunity to start my own boat dealership where our range of bowriders needed a tower supplier. That supplier became Roswell.

After I met with Robert at that dealer meeting, the conversation must have stayed with him because about three months later he flew to Australia and asked to meet up for a couple of hours. Three days later we had a business model in place to start Roswell Australia and things have gone from strength to strength ever since.

Roswell Marine Australia Derek Rodway

Where did a passion for the water begin with you?

I had always loved swimming as a kid and when I caught my first wave as a 12 year old, my love of surfing and the ocean started from there. I didn’t get to try tow sports from the back of a boat until I owned my first boat in my mid twenties which rounded out my love of all things on and in the water.

How does life on the water in Australia differ from the rest of the world?

Well we certainly have very little inland waterways and lakes from other parts of the world but our warm climate means those waterways are well used. Although we don’t have much inland fresh water, we certainly have more than enough stunning beaches to make up for it, and I don’t mean just one or two; pretty much our whole coastline is tier one for quality of the water, surf and sand. This results in much of our boating being done in a saltwater environment with boats suited for our needs here in Australia.

What Roswell products are most popular in Australia?

The CAM RT tower and the Elite wake / knee combo are the top two products for us.

You have put Roswell R1 Audio on some pretty interesting boats over the years. What about the R1 line makes it your go to choice for audio in Australia?

The R1 line just gives us total confidence. Australia dishes up some vicious conditions with the coastline and our fishing customers regularly drench their speakers in salt water. Because of the premium materials and engineering behind the speaker design, we know we won’t have comebacks and that’s exactly how it’s been so far, no warranties.

Roswell Marine Australia SeaDoo

What has been your favorite Roswell boat project over the years?

We built up a SeaDoo Speedster 200 for a customer and he let us completely transform this boat with an Aviator tower, shadow top, and Neptune tower speakers. This boat was a beast when it was all done and a very rewarding project to complete.

Which Australian boat manufacturers use Roswell products?

We have some great Australian boat builders that use Roswell to fit out their boats including Camero, Skicraft, Matrix, Quintrex and Stacer.

What’s the best way for people in Australia to purchase Roswell products?

The easiest way is to pick up the phone and give us a call. We can go through our product range and find the right item to suit your boat. You can also order direct off our website at

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