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Dedicated to an active family-focused lifestyle on and off the water, Roswell Dealer Hawkeye Boat Sales has created a community centered around living life to the absolute fullest. From boat and RV sales to a resort and campground you will never want to leave, entering the world of Hawkeye is a gateway to endless family fun. Tailoring the experience to each customer’s needs, Hawkeye specializes in custom performance, cosmetic upgrades, and stereo installation. Seeing each customer as a part of their extended family, every product they provide is something they truly stand behind. Their endless passion makes them a perfect partner in embodying the Roswell spirit of making every moment on the water the best.

We caught up with Hawkeye Boat Sales President Ryan Becker to learn more about where they got their start in the marine industry and why they choose Roswell products in providing their customers the best in marine audio and accessories. 

How did Hawkeye Boat Sales get their start?
My father AJ Becker was an avid boater and was laid off from John Deere in 1985. From there he began selling Baja boats at a small car dealership called Hawkeye Auto Sales.

Where is Hawkeye located?
We are located in Dubuque, IA.

What is the biggest change you have seen in the industry since you started?
The transformation of the pontoon now being the preferred boat of most of our customers.

How long have you carried Roswell products?
This will be our 4th year with Roswell.

What has been the biggest advantage to being a part of the Roswell family?
The quality and look of the products sell themselves also there is a great staff at Roswell with excellent customer service.

 If you could name one thing about Hawkeye Boat Sales that makes you successful what would it be?
We live and breathe the lifestyle of our customers so we can relate well with needs and wants.

Over the years what has been your favorite Roswell upgrade project at Hawkeye?
We just completed a twin-engine Bennington this summer with 12 – R1 6.5’s, 4 R1 12″ Subwoofers, 3 – 650.4 amps and 2 – 1000.1 amps that was a fun project.

Roswell Marine Dealer Hawkeye Boat Sales

What do you recommend to your customers when it’s time to upgrade their boat?
Usually stereo comes first, then we like LED lighting or custom painted accessories.

What is your favorite Roswell product?
Can I pick two? The R1 6.5″ is an amazing speaker I also love the new R1 12″ woofer it sounds fantastic!

What about the Roswell R1 Audio line do you feel sets it apart from everything else?
Not only are they loud but they sound good at all volume levels; also the tweeter is very clean at higher volume and they seem to be impossible to break which is always a plus.

What do you feel is most important in providing the amazing customer experience Hawkeye is known for?
Tailoring a boat to a customers needs, creating relationships, and always being available when they need something.

How can people learn more about Hawkeye Boat Sales?
You can check out our website at, facebook
at Hawkeye Boat & RV Sales or Instagram @hawkeyeboatsales.

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