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Centurion Fi25 Release Roswell Marine 20 Year Party
Centurion Fi25 Release Roswell Marine 20 Year Party

We have been honored to partner alongside Centurion in rolling out their all-new Fi25 this past summer while celebrating 20 years of innovation on the water. The development of each Roswell feature included on the 2019 Centurion line of boats was designed to take your experience on the water to a place beyond your wildest dreams.

Get up close and personal with the first class features, wakes, and waves of the Centurion Fi25 in this Boating Magazine 2019 Boat Buyers Guide walkthrough.

CLICK HERE to download our Centurion exclusive 2019 Roswell Product Brochure for more information on every Roswell product available in 2019 model Centurion Boats including the all-new DropZone Auto Tower, Bombshell Board Racks, and premium Roswell R1 Audio.

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