Roswell is proud to partner with Pass The Handle and Robby Maschhaupt along with Centurion Boats, The WSIA, Carolina Watersport Marine, and Monster Energy in support of Robby’s ongoing mission to promote watersports. His dedication to getting new people behind the boat and igniting a passion for the amazing moments we all share on the water is an inspiration to us all and we are excited to welcome him to the team!

Where did your passion for the water sports industry begin?

I grew up in Huntington Beach California, and my parents had a house in Havasu, so I was pretty much on the water all the time. I absolutely loved watching wakeboard videos.

How did Pass The Handle come about?

Shaun Murray and Zane Schwenk actually started it as a one-day event to get new people involved in watersports. I had some free time between races so I thought we could do it multiple days.

What is your favorite thing about teaching people to ride?

Just the stoke I get from their excitement; it fills my heart. It means as much to me as racing trophies. People from 4 to 81 have been behind our boat and felt “the push.”

You have become friends with nearly every person involved with our sport and have hosted some legendary get-togethers with the who’s who of wake. What has been your most memorable moment from all of those great times?

Greatest memory is Josh Palma, Shaun Murray, Danny Harf and Andrew Adkison in our living room playing ukuleles and singing. Plus anytime we go to Victory Lane Karting Center and race these athletes; WE HAVE A BLAST!

What would you say has carried over from your racing background in helping you be successful in the watersports industry?

I’ve been absolutely blessed to have the legends of watersports teach me and coach me. I loved having the Pros come to Charlotte and turn them into professional “over the wall” athletes. We then turned my pit crew teammates into wakeboarders. It was awesome.

You’ve also been involved with Wake For Warriors in helping with events as well as even using your racing connections to make some pretty cool developments in adaptive equipment. How did all of that come about?

This is a very long answer but the short answer.  I hooked up with one of my fabricators from one of my old racing teams, and we designed a new adaptive cage that is affordable and adjustable, it’s the best on the market …. in my opinion. @tidalfabrication

What advice do you have for someone that wants to get into adaptive riding and might be looking for their first adaptive board set-up?

We have been doing a PASS the HANDLE for over eight years. The tail end of last season was my first getting into the adaptive world. I would direct anyone interested in adaptive riding to reach out to the folks at Wake for Warriors because Dave Deep can line you up with all the information you could possibly need.

What can people expect when they attend a Pass The Handle event?

The best day of their summer!!!!  Tanner and I take a lot of pride in making sure that it is the most unbelievable water experience you’ve ever had. We usually take five people out for a 4-hour set. We don’t give up till everyone has felt “the push” and let go of the rope.

How can people get more involved with Pass The Handle?

If somebody is interested in getting into a PASS the HANDLE all you need is a boat gas and a ton of patience. We were beginners once and we’re still learning. Tanner and I have helped people around the country get their program started. If anybody has any questions, please feel free to reach out to me!!

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