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Roswell Founder and CEO Robert Oswell kicked off Holy Trinity Episcopal Academy’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship Speaker Series with 570 students in attendance from grades 7-12. Sharing the journey that took him from 17-year-old dreamer to transforming his vision into the most sought after and respected marine audio, tower, and accessories company in the world, he was able to connect with students on a level few can. With many in the crowd near the same age Robert was when he started Roswell, his inspiring words were received as motivation and a true testament that with vision, passion, and perseverance, anything is possible.

“My journey from a 17-year-old out of school starting my first business with the intention of making enough money to patent my first invention, to this moment 20 years later having a multinational business that’s designed over 500 products from concept to completion has been the biggest adventure of my life,” said Roswell President and CEO Robert Oswell.

While Robert only had enough time to scratch the surface of the many chapters that make up the Roswell story, students in the school’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship program will be visiting Roswell’s Global Headquarters to experience the dream first hand. In closing, he left students with three lessons he’s learned throughout the years as an innovator paving the way for the next generation.

“I’ve got three quick points to leave you with. One; if you work in the future on things you’re passionate about it’ll never really seem like work. Two; early on I used to focus on what I perceived as a destination or finish line with any of these crazy projects. I learned along the way that it’s the journey and all the special moments you experience along the path. It’s the people that are the true adventure and have the most value, there’s always a new destination. Three; the last thing I’m going to say is to embrace your mistakes, those will become your best lessons,” – Robert Oswell.

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