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For those of you in the colder areas of North America, it probably doesn’t seem like it, but spring really is right around the corner. And along with it comes thawed out lakes, de-winterized boats, and more of what we all love – time on the water. Before we lose you in a catatonic state of daydreaming about warm days, coastal breezes or glassy lakes, think about this: Is your boat ready to give you the best boating season of your life? We’re talking big swells, next-level comfort, and high-quality marine audio including R1 in-boat speakers, tower speakers, subwoofers, amplifiers, accessories… You name it, we have it. Because when plans get rolling for your first weekend on the water with friends and family, you don’t want to be coming up short. Here’s how Roswell can help you prepare for the best boating season of your life and maximize your boat’s true potential.

1. Turn Your Boat into a Surfing Machine

Roswell Marine Deflector Wave Shaper

| 2002 SAN 210 wave before adding the Deflector Wave Shaper

Gone are the days when you needed a brand-new, top-of-the-line, flagship boat for a legit wakesurfing session. If you’re sporting an older inboard with sad, little wakes, today’s your lucky day – we’ve got what you need to turn your vessel into a surfing machine: Roswell’s Deflector Wave Shaper. This suction-held wave shaper helps clean out waves you thought were un-surfable. If you don’t believe us, we get it… We had our doubts, too. The first time we saw this thing in action on an older inboard though, we were in awe. How waves that big could come from nothing just like that was pretty shocking, but it all has to do with water displacement. The Deflector Wave Shaper installs to your hull in a matter of seconds using the Deflector Suction Cups, and then you’re ready to surf your heart out. Check out this video of it in action to see how it works.

Roswell Marine Deflector Wave Shaper

2002 SAN 210 wave after adding the Deflector Wave Shaper

2. Amplify the Sounds of Summer

Roswell marine audio R1 tower speakers, subs, amps, in-boat speakers

Roswell Rider Shawn Watson throwing buckets behind the 2018 Nautique G23 Coastal Featuring Roswell R1 Marine Audio

Here’s something most all of us can agree on: boating just isn’t the same without music. It doesn’t really matter how new or epic your boat is; if your marine audio system is busted, your entire boat takes a major hit on the cool scale. If this applies to you and your boat, don’t be offended… You know we’re right. If you want to fix this problem, you need to get fully kitted with the Roswell Marine Audio R1 lineup. And if replacing your marine audio system every couple of years isn’t something you’re into, then you’ve come to the right place. These products are premium marine-grade and will be functioning well and sounding great for years to come.


3. Create the Ultimate Onboard Comfort

Roswell marine audio R1 tower speakers, subs, amps, in-boat speakers, and wake tower

| Roswell Marine Custom Nautique SAN 210

For water sports newbies, we’ll let you in on a secret: a wake tower is everything. And by “a tower,” we mean a fully loaded wake tower. A boat without one is practically just a canoe with a motor. And while we appreciate a nice, wooden canoe, that’s no real way to be boating. So then, what’s so special about this fully loaded tower? Well, not only does it add a high tow point to your nautical whip, but it’ll also keep your vessel comfortable and fit for a king. Take for example the Roswell Gold Aviator Tower Package. This thing comes with a bimini to keep you protected from the sun, board racks to clear up space, a windshield-mounted mirror to maintain safety, and so much more. Sunburns, stubbed toes, neck strain… Not today, not ever!

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