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Roswell Team - Rusty Malinoski

A lot of you know Rusty as the Bone Crusher. What you may not have known is that he’s broken his right arm 9 times, so he rightfully owns the nickname. He’s been a part of the Roswell family so long that we made him Team Dad and gave him a sticker. Find out more about him below.

Career Highlights

2 time wakeboarder of the year
National champion
World Champion
top 3 pro tour finisher for the last 5 years
first to land a 1080 in a contest

Where are you from?
Humboldt, Saskatchewan Canada

Where do you currently reside?
Clermont, FL

What’s your middle name?

Board setup?
Hyperlite Kruz – 2017 Mastercraft X-Star

All the way out

How long have you been riding?
19 years

How many years professional?

Favorite waters to ride on?
At home in Clermont

Go-to trick?

What trick was the hardest to learn?
Regular 1080

Best ever landed?
First ever 1080 to be landed in a contest

CrossFit, Motocross, Hockey, Golf

Current Netflix show?
Don’t Netflix

Favorite artist to get loud and ride to?
Pandora- no particular artist

Best flight you’ve ever been on?
First class upgrade to Dubai

What’s the most run-down, most legitimately worried about getting exterminated in your sleep motel, you’ve ever had to stay in?
A super sketchy place in Russia.

Best part of being a professional athlete?
No 9-5’er

Should pineapple on pizza be a crime?
I do not like pineapple on pizza

Tell me a good story about yourself. Doesn’t have to be wakeboarding/wakesurfing related.
I have broke my right arm 9 times

Which action sport athlete has had the biggest impact in their sport? Explain.
I would have to say Travis Pastrana because he’s innovated the sport so many times.

Same question, but biggest impact on you
Probably most recently, I would say that Connor McGregor has been super intriguing and motivating to me.

Who’s your anchor?
My wife Lindsy


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