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Roswell Wake Towers and Accessories are built to last longer while providing the most features for your boat. Whether you’re upgrading your old boat or customizing your new model boats, we’ve got you covered

Towers & Accessories

Aviator Pro Wake TowerAviator Pro Wake Tower

Aviator Pro Wake Tower

$3,599.00 USD$5,397.00 USD
Aviator Wake TowerAviator Wake Tower

Aviator Wake Tower

$3,159.00 USD$4,997.00 USD
Cam RT Wake TowerCam RT Wake Tower

Cam RT Wake Tower

$2,699.00 USD$4,497.00 USD
Area 53 Wake TowerArea 53 Wake Tower

Area 53 Wake Tower

$1,439.00 USD$3,237.00 USD
Aviator Soft Top BiminiAviator Soft Top Bimini

Aviator Soft Top Bimini

$1,259.00 USD
Sun Top BiminiSun Top Bimini

Sun Top Bimini

$1,199.00 USD
Area 53 BiminiArea 53 Bimini

Area 53 Bimini

$1,149.00 USD
Aviator Pro RiserAviator Pro Riser

Aviator Pro Riser

$639.00 USD
Supra FXONE Board Rack AdapterSupra FXONE Board Rack Adapter
Malibu/Axis Board Rack AdapterMalibu/Axis Board Rack Adapter
Mag SwivelMag Swivel

Mag Swivel

$259.00 USD
Rotational Speaker AdapterRotational Speaker Adapter
SI SwivelSI Swivel

SI Swivel

$209.00 USD
2″ G Tower Speaker Adapter2″ G Tower Speaker Adapter
360º 3 Inch Universal Clamp360º 3 Inch Universal Clamp
3″ Universal Clamp3″ Universal Clamp

3″ Universal Clamp

$154.00 USD
Anchor LightAnchor Light

Anchor Light

$114.00 USD
Swivel Clamp AdapterSwivel Clamp Adapter

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