With so many different wake boat tower designs on the market of varying sizes, we here at Roswell want to ensure our in-boat speakers, hanging speakers, board racks, and any other accessories will work with your setup.

Swivels, Clamps, & Adapters

Aviator Pro RiserAviator Pro Riser

Aviator Pro Riser

$549.00 USD
Malibu/Axis Board Rack AdapterMalibu/Axis Board Rack Adapter
Mag SwivelMag Swivel

Mag Swivel

$224.00 USD
Rotational Speaker AdapterRotational Speaker Adapter
SI SwivelSI Swivel

SI Swivel

$184.00 USD
360º 3 Inch Universal Clamp360º 3 Inch Universal Clamp
3 Inch Clamp3 Inch Clamp

3 Inch Clamp

$135.00 USD
MC Hanging Speaker AdapterMC Hanging Speaker Adapter
MC Aquatone AdapterMC Aquatone Adapter

MC Aquatone Adapter

$115.00 USD
Swivel Clamp AdapterSwivel Clamp Adapter
Universal ClampUniversal Clamp

Universal Clamp

$70.00 USD
Triton Fixed Rack AdapterTriton Fixed Rack Adapter
Rope HooksRope Hooks

Rope Hooks

$48.00 USD
3 Inch Clamp Insert3 Inch Clamp Insert
Universal Clamp InsertUniversal Clamp Insert

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