It’s ok to stare at our racks.

Roswell board rack accessories are designed and manufactured to keep your boards safe and out of the way of you and your passengers. Whether you need replacement tines, new swivels, or bungee’s, we’ve got you covered.

Board Rack Accessories

Elite Knee / Wake TinesElite Knee / Wake Tines
Elite Kneeboard TinesElite Kneeboard Tines
Malibu/Axis Board Rack AdapterMalibu/Axis Board Rack Adapter
Supra FXONE Board Rack AdapterSupra FXONE Board Rack Adapter
Elite Dual Surf TinesElite Dual Surf Tines
Elite Surf / Wake TinesElite Surf / Wake Tines
Elite Board TinesElite Board Tines

Elite Board Tines

$296.00 USD
Mag SwivelMag Swivel

Mag Swivel

$295.00 USD
SI SwivelSI Swivel

SI Swivel

$285.00 USD
3″ Universal Clamp3″ Universal Clamp
Elite Backing PlateElite Backing Plate

Elite Backing Plate

$208.00 USD
Swivel Clamp AdapterSwivel Clamp Adapter
4.25″ Rack Spacer4.25″ Rack Spacer
Universal ClampUniversal Clamp

Universal Clamp

$95.00 USD
Triton Fixed Rack AdapterTriton Fixed Rack Adapter
Moomba v2 & Malibu Illusion X Fixed Rack AdapterMoomba v2 & Malibu Illusion X Fixed Rack Adapter
Bungee with ClipBungee with Clip

Bungee with Clip

$69.00 USD
Bungee with LoopBungee with Loop

Bungee with Loop

$60.00 USD

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