Possessions are replaceable.

We all break things, even if we don’t like to admit it. You can pay us to not ask questions.

Replacement Parts

Elite Knee / Wake TinesElite Knee / Wake Tines
Kneeboard TinesKneeboard Tines
Elite Dual Surf TinesElite Dual Surf Tines
Mirror MountMirror Mount

Mirror Mount

Elite Surf / Wake TinesElite Surf / Wake Tines
Elite Board TinesElite Board Tines
Elite Mirror ArmElite Mirror Arm
Tower Wiring Harness
Anchor LightAnchor Light

Anchor Light

6.5″ LED Night Ring6.5″ LED Night Ring
Roswell MirrorRoswell Mirror
Bungee | SS ClipBungee | SS Clip
Bungee | LoopBungee | Loop
Dual Zone Volume ControlDual Zone Volume Control
Deflector Suction CupsDeflector Suction Cups
3 Inch Clamp Insert3 Inch Clamp Insert
Universal Clamp InsertUniversal Clamp Insert

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