Possessions are replaceable.

We all break things, even if we don’t like to admit it. You can pay us to not ask questions.

Replacement Parts

Elite Knee / Wake TinesElite Knee / Wake Tines
Kneeboard TinesKneeboard Tines

Kneeboard Tines

$299.00 USD
Supra FXONE Board Rack AdapterSupra FXONE Board Rack Adapter
Elite Dual Surf TinesElite Dual Surf Tines
Elite Surf / Wake TinesElite Surf / Wake Tines
Mirror MountMirror Mount

Mirror Mount

$259.00 USD
Elite Board TinesElite Board Tines

Elite Board Tines

$229.00 USD
Elite Mirror ArmElite Mirror Arm

Elite Mirror Arm

$219.00 USD
Tower Wiring Harness
Anchor LightAnchor Light

Anchor Light

$114.00 USD
6.5″ LED Night Ring6.5″ LED Night Ring
Roswell MirrorRoswell Mirror

Roswell Mirror

$104.00 USD
Bungee with ClipBungee with Clip

Bungee with Clip

$53.00 USD
Bungee with LoopBungee with Loop

Bungee with Loop

$46.00 USD
Dual Zone Volume ControlDual Zone Volume Control
Deflector Suction CupsDeflector Suction Cups
3″ Clamp Insert3″ Clamp Insert

3″ Clamp Insert

$13.00 USD
Universal Clamp InsertUniversal Clamp Insert

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