Roswell Dealer Spotlight: Rocky Mountain Boat Company

To say Rocky Mountain Boat Company is on fire is an understatement. They may have been better suited to have had their table placed on stage at the 2018 Skiers Choice Dealer Meeting as they stole the show in taking home a list of awards that was sure to require additional luggage on the way home. Their dedication to customer service, passion for watersports, and unique style is a formula for success that has seen their family business grow into one of the premier boat dealerships in North America. Developing their local wake community through events and putting the promotion of all watersports as an integral part of their mission shows a commitment to the core that we share. Taking that a step further, they embrace the idea that every experience on the water can be made better and have created some custom monsters of sight and sound with Roswell products that drop jaws everywhere.

ROMOBOCO, we like your style and are honored to have you on team Roswell!

We recently caught up with Salesman of the Year and ROMOBOCO mastermind Nick Ohrdorf to answer a few questions about one of the the coolest dealerships in the game.

How did the ROMOBOCO family get their start in the boating industry?

We were always a boating family. Dad sold out of the motorcycle business 26 years ago and he decided there was a need for another Colorado boat shop.

You guys do some really cool events including the annual ROMOBOCO rail jam at the Pueblo Chili and Frijloes Festival. What keeps you coming back each year to give local riders the  spotlight and to put a show on for the community?

Passion for the sport. Wakeboarding is the only sport I can say I have been some part of since the beginning.

How long have you been a Roswell Dealer?

Oh wow, I’d guess at 16 years

How have Roswell products helped ROMOBOCO stand out?

We have always tried to be a little different. Do something that people remember. Roswell product, especially stereo product in abundance on any boat will help get that done.

ROMOBOCO is known for putting out some pretty amazing customized boats. What are some unique ways you’ve used Roswell products on these projects?

Custom painted racks, and speakers work well with some custom touches on boats. We have also stuffed multiple subs, and crazy amounts of tower speakers in boats.

What are your favorite features about the Roswell R1 Audio line?

Good clean sound and the RGB ability.

Which ROMOBOCO boat project has been your favorite?

I think our 2017 Supra SA 550 with custom painted Tritons, and Neptunes.

As a family business how many generations of Ohrdorf currently work at ROMOBOCO?

2nd generation is currently here, with the 1st still actively part of it. 3rd generation is getting close to boat washing status.

Congratulations on the new addition to your family with the birth of your son! What aspect of the boating life are you most excited to share with him?  

Family fun on the water. I love that we can all challenge each other, and enjoy eachothers company in the boat.

What’s the biggest change you’ve seen in the industry since your family opened ROMOBOCO 26 years ago?

We have seen a ton of changes, but pontoon popularity keeps rising, and surfing has changed everything.

After winning Dealer of The Year at the 2018 Skiers Choice Dealer meeting what do you feel has put your team over the top?

We operate based on Integrity, and we truly do care about our customers needs. It is the whole staff.

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